Providing Trust and Transparency to Consumers of Plant-Based Products

This guide provides an overview of the current state of the plant-based industry and the need for transparency. 

The Quick Guide will give you insights about

  • Actions taken by large companies when offering plant-based products
  • The need for better transparency
  • What's does the BRCGS Plant-Based Certification cover?
  • The six reasons why you should choose the BRCGS Certification  

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According to the online publication The National Provisioner, nine out of the top 10 largest U.S. meat companies are now involved with plant-based meats in some way. Some have launched their own planet-based meats, some are investing in plant-based meat start-ups, while others are collaborating with other companies on new brands.

The International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation 2020 Food and Health Report, states there has been a significant change in consumer eating habits:

Key findings included:
• Approximately 70% of consumers consider protein from plant sources to be the healthiest.
• 28% of consumers are eating more protein from plant sources, 24% are eating more plant-based dairy, and 17% are eating more plant-based meat alternatives.
• More than four in 10 consumers assume that a product described as “plant-based” would be healthier than one that is not.

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