Assuring Safety & Quality for Cannabis Consumers

This guide provides an overview of the current state of the cannabis industry and the need for transparency. 

The Quick Guide will give you insights about

  • The state of the industry
  • The need to regulate cannabis products 
  • Regulation compliance and CSQ 
  • How to become CSQ certified 

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Safety & quality audits ensure that  customers are receiving the high-quality cannabis products that they deserve. The CSQ Standards cover all aspects of cannabis production—from seed to sale. 

The cannabis industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down.  In 2020, marijuana legalization was on the ballot in  five states—Montana, Arizona, New Jersey, South  Dakota, and Mississippi. The people spoke, and the legalization measures were passed in all five states1.  These are only the most recent states to jump on the  bandwagon, as legalization has been spreading  across the country for years. 

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